The Value We Provide

Strategic Focus Associates provides value to their clients by:

Proven Experience:

All associates have more than 15 years of successful organization and community consulting experience in almost every business sector. We are all focused on systemic lasting change efforts in areas like organization structure, systems design, leadership development, leadership alignment, knowledge management, and collaboration.

Create Real Engagement:

All associates understand how to ensure real engagement in the organization with any change effort. We believe that change is only sustainable and successful when there is real engagement in the organization or outside the organization (stakeholders).

Focus on the Organization or System Level:

Real change only happens when there is a focus at the organization level. Many organizations try to implement change from either a top down or a bottom up approach. We believe that real, sustainable change only happens when there is a focus on the system or organization.

Knowledge Transfer:

Our explicit contract with any organization is to "work our way out of a job". We believe that our role in every engagement is to transfer what we know to our client.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

System-Wide Change Efforts

"Working with Strategic Focus Associates in designing and co-facilitating our Global Marketing Communications organization's inaugural meeting was extremely valuable and rewarding. Our three day event brought over 120 people from around the world together to develop our mission, vision, and common business processes through extremely participative and engaging sessions. Most importantly, the appreciation of diversity and resulting teamwork that was achieved was a key foundation for our ongoing business success. Partners in SFA were key contributors throughout this extremely motivating and enriching experience shared by all our community members."

John, Human Resources Director, International Telecommunications