What We Do

Complex Business Change - The backdrop of all of our services is helping organizations lead and manage complex business change. We have pioneered and utilize system-wide techniques that engage critical masses of an entire work system, community, or organization in the change effort. Our approach accelerates the process of integration or differentiation. It enables our clients to create and integrate cultures, structures and processes smoothly and to quickly realize the promise of the change effort. Specifically we focus in the following areas:

Strategy Development and Deployment - We use collaborative strategies to co-create the organization's desired direction, goals to get there and tactical plans for implementation. We help clients align their strategy with the environment to optimize emerging markets and evolving technology. Our approach results in significantly more rapid organization alignment, across the organization in a way that dramatically increases business results.

Leadership and Team Development -

  • Alignment - Any change effort requires an alignment of the organization. We believe that in order for any change or implementation effort requires a focus on alignment among leaders and then throughout the entire organization.

  • Leadership Team Development -Organizations are made up of individuals and teams. Focusing on the complex business change of the organization, we help teams become as high performing as possible.

  • Leadership Coaching -In order to fully realize any significant organizational change or shift, there must be an intentional focus on developing leaders to align with the organizations strategy or other change. Utilizing a process of discovery, awareness, and choice we work with individual leaders or leadership teams in a coaching relationship intended to improve performance and deepen their learning.

Organization and Process Design - Throughout an organization's life, organizations need to evolve, grow and adjust to be successful. We work with teams inside of organizations to restructure and/or develop key processes that will allow the organization to achieve its strategy more effectively and efficiently.

Knowledge Management - Based on the clients overarching business strategy and needs, we work as trusted advisors to improve the ability of individuals, teams, functions, and the entire enterprise to find, provide, and share critical information and knowledge. A holistic framework that addresses people, process, and technology elements is applied to identify key focus areas for improvement. Performance improvement and business results are delivered through locating and reducing the time required to find and apply critical information and knowledge, enabling better decision making, and sharing and applying lessons learned and best practices across the enterprise.

What Our Clients Say About Our Work

Organization and Process Design

"As the Vice President and General Manager of a Global Software Development and Delivery Organization I had the pleasure of having Strategic Focus Associates assist my growing division to overcome our growth pains as we expanded and absorbed another large global internal division. Kathy was able to take an outside view of our current state and capitalize on her experiences from other projects like ours to ensure our organizational changes were structured effectively and maximized the team's expertise. Due to SFA's impartial expert moderation and guidance we were able to restructure my organization in a short period of time placing staff in the right function."

Steven Gordon, President & CEO, Network Topology, Inc.